No display or monitor goes blank

Can't see anything on the monitor? The major reasons are:
  • Check for the power connection. If the power button of the monitor is either green or orange then your monitor is perfect. If not, either the main power board or the power chord will have the problem. Try connecting the monitor to other main power socket or change the power chord.
  • Check for any loose connections between the main power board and the monitor. Remove the power chord and plug it back properly to the main power supply and the monitor.
  • Check out your RAM. Your monitor goes blank if you have problem with the RAM. Remove the RAM and gently rub the copper portion on either side of the RAM (the side where you fix the RAM to the RAM slot) with a soft cloth or pencil eraser and plug it back to the motherboard. If this method did not do the trick, then you have to purchase new RAM.
  • Monitor goes blank if you have a faulty video graphic port/card. Sometimes you see junk characters on the monitor when you switch on your computer. If your onboard video port is problem, then install new PCI/AGP external video card for the display.
  • If your motherboard otherwise called as main board has the problem your monitor goes blank. Check out in the motherboard for failed capacitors. If you are looking at the motherboard from the top view, good capacitors will be flat on the top. Whereas bad capacitors will be bulged or opened up on the top as shown in the image.
Bad capacitors with the same value can be replaced at the computer service station. If all the capacitors are fine, then there will be problem with either onboard video port or with your PCI/AGP external card.

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