How to register .dll files manually

Programs when installing cannot register some .dll files automatically into the registry. Getting these .dll files registered is mandatory for the program or software to work properly.

To resolve this issue:
You have to manually register those .dll files into the registry which were not able to register automatically. To identify whether the .dll files can be self registered or not, RIGHT-CLICK on the particular .dll file and click on the PROPERTIES option. You will see two tabs as shown in the image below.
Click on the "VERSION" tab. In the Item Name window if you see "OleSelf Register" then the file can be self registered manually or else it is not possible. Now copy the .dll file to C:\Windows\System32 folder. Then select "START" button and click on "RUN"or hold the "WINDOWS" key and press "R" to open
RUN window and type "regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\<filename>.dll and press "ENTER". Finally you will get the message that your .dll file has been registered successfully as shown below.

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