Power Supplies - A Blueline Advantage

To the average consumer, the power supply is probably the single most overlooked and misunderstood component. We all look at "ram" and "storage" and "gigahertz" and we assume that's all we need to know, but when it's all said and done, your computer is only as good as the power supply it is using.

What's the difference?

Most large computer manufacturers use extremely low end, low cost power supplies in an effort to increase profits. A low quality power supply, or PSU, can significantly impact your computer's stability and overall longevity. They can contribute to excessive heat, unstable voltages and lack of appropriate power while performing more demanding tasks. Additionally, if you ever upgrade your computer you may find that the power supply is incapable of handling the increased power requirements. A high quality PSU provides good clean power to the system even under full load, runs cooler and helps exhaust excess heat out of the computer and leads to a more stable system with fewer "crashes" and a more pleasant user experience.

Don't larger PSU's cost more to run?

This is a very common misconception. Your computer will require a certain amount of electricity in order to run. This will vary depending on if you are simply browsing the internet or performing a more demanding task such as watching a movie or playing a game. While a larger PSU is capable of providing more power, it only provides the power required by your computer at the time. So if you have a 400 Watt PSU and your computer needs 200 Watts, the PSU delivers 200 Watts.

What about efficiency?

Power supply efficiency plays a huge role in terms of your cost to run the computer and as a general rule, the quality of the PSU. Typical computer power supplies are in the 60-65% efficiency range. What this means is that the power supply transfers 60-65% of the power it takes from the outlet into your computer. In other words, a computer that requires 250 Watts of electricity to run will actually use 384 Watts of electricity if it has a 65% efficient PSU. That same computer, using an 80% efficient PSU will require roughly 312 Watts to run.

Blueline Power...

At Blueline Network Solutions we're in the business of making sure our customer's systems are running optimally at all times. We firmly believe that a quality PSU can have a huge impact on your computer's stability and overall computer experience. That's why all Blueline "P Series" computers (Sapphire P-400 and Cobalt P-500) as well as Blueline Servers and Indigo gaming systems include high quality, 80 Plus Certified power supplies. The 80 Plus certification is an independent, ENERGY STAR rating for computer power supplies. Furthermore, many of the optional, more powerful power supplies that we offer are even more efficient. What this means to you is that a Blueline P-Series, Server or Indigo gaming computer cost's less to run than similarly equipped machines from other manufacturers. It also demonstrates our absolute commitment to delivering the finest quality computing solutions to our customers.

To learn more about Blueline Network Solutions and the quality computing solutions we provide visit our website at www.shopblueline.com