Long beep sound when computer is switched on

If you are getting long beep sound continuously when you switch on your computer and not able to see the display on the monitor, chances are more that the RAM (Random Access Memory) is not fixed properly into the RAM slot or RAM itself will be having the problem or if you have installed any new hardware in the PCI or AGP slot of the motherboard.

To resolve this issue:
  • If you have fixed any new hardware in the PCI or AGP slot, make sure that they are fixed properly. If fixed properly then, the newly installed hardware is not compatible with your motherboard.
  • Check whether the RAM is placed and fixed properly. If still the problem persists, remove the RAM from the motherboard and take a pencil eraser or a soft cloth and gently rub on the copper portion on either side of the RAM (the side where you fix the RAM to the RAM slot on the motherboard) and fix it back and switch on the computer. Chances are more that your computer starts booting without problem. But remember this method cannot guarantee that it will always work.
  • If your RAM is dead and when purchasing a new RAM, make sure that your motherboard supports the new RAM. If you are not sure the type of RAM to purchase, tell the vendor your motherboard brand and the model no. It will make him easy to recognize the type of RAM which supports your motherboard.

Remember always to turn off the computer before you make any hardware changes.

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