How to speedup your computer?

Definitely, frustration will be more when your computer is very slow and if you are not able to open your files or programs quickly. Here are few tips to make your computer run faster.

(1)     Increase the RAM size to higher capacity. Assuming if you have 512MB of RAM increase the size to 1GB or more. But  before increasing the RAM make sure to confirm the maximum RAM size supported by your motherboard.

(2)     Remove unnecessary programs placed in the taskbar.
These icons can also be referred as programs eat up your RAM continuously making your computer slow. To remove these icons go to "START" and click on "RUN" or hold the "WINDOWS" key and press "R" to open the "RUN" window and type "MSCONFIG" and click "OK" or press "ENTER" key to open SYSTEM CONFIGURATION UTILITY.
Uncheck unnecessary services and startup programs from the list and press "OK". This tool will ask you to restart the computer to apply changes.

(3)    Hard disk defragmentation is very important to increase the speedy access to your files and programs. Disk defragmentation is a long, time consuming and tedious process. Working on files like deleting, accessing and making changes makes them distributed across different physical locations on the hard disk. Windows has a built-in "DISK DEFRAGMENTER" tool that helps in keeping the files information in an order for easy and quick access. To open the built-in disk defragment tool, go to "START" and click on "RUN" or hold the "WINDOWS" key and press "R" to open "RUN" window. Type "dfrg.msc" and press "ENTER" key. or go to "START" and click on "PROGRAMS" - "ACCESSORIES"- "SYSTEM TOOLS" - "DISK DEFRAGMENTER"

(4)     Accessing programs and files will be slow if your files are infected by virus and spywares/trojans. There are many good antivirus softwares available for good price. Free antivirus like Avira AntiVir Personal for home users is capable of detecting most of the viruses provided the antivirus database has to be updated regularly. Arovax Antispyware is a tool for removing infected spywares from your computer. This tool will scan for infected spywares in the registry at the beginning when you get your windows desktop screen.

(5)     If your hard disk has problem with bad sectors or with the internal hard disk head reading, it takes lot of time to open files and programs. Chances are more that you cannot read or open your files if its information is stored in the bad sector of your hard disk.

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