Control Panel Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to "START" and click on "RUN" or hold the "WINDOWS" key and press "R" and type the shortcut commands.

appwiz.cpl = Opens Add/Remove Program window
devmgmt.msc = Opens Device Manger window
ncpa.cpl = Opens Network Connections window
netsetup.cpl = Opens Network Setup Wizard window
nusrmgr.cpl = Opens User Accounts window
timedate.cpl = Opens Date and Tie Properties window
mmsys.cpl = Opens Sound and Audio Devices Properties window
hdwwiz.cpl = Opens Add Hardware Device window
sysdm.cpl = Opens System Properties window
desk.cpl = Opens Display Properties window
firewall.cpl = Opens Windows Firewall window
access.cpl = Opens Accessibility Options window
wscui.cpl = Opens Windows Security Center window
wuaucpl.cpl = Opens Automatic Updates window
joy.cpl = Opens Games Controllers window
inetcpl.cpl = Opens Internet Properties window
main.cpl keyboard = Opens Keyboard Properties window
main.cpl = Opens Mouse Properties window
telephon.cpl = Opens Telephone and Modem Properties window
powercfg.cpl = Opens Power Options Properties window
Control printers = Opens Printers and Faxes window
intl.cpl = Opens Regional and Language Options window
control schedtasks = Opens Scheduled Tasks window

To open Control Panel, type "CONTROL" in "RUN" window and press "ENTER" key.

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