Why Should You Consider a Managed Anti-Virus Solution.

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Every minute counts in today’s business. Stop wasting your valuable and scarce IT resource time and energy on the selection, testing, planning, deployment, updating and reporting of your Anti-virus software. Managed Anti Virus service provides the skilled IT resources, domain expertise, centralized monitoring and management facilities and proactive approach to ensuring the protection of your desktops and laptops against the ever present  threat of viruses, spam and malware attacks.

A managed Anti-virus solution can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your system is up to date, that scans are being run  when they are supposed to be, and that a trained IT expert is looking out for your security. You no longer have to worry that someone may have disabled their Anti-virus software because it was "scanning while they were working" or wonder if they latest security updates have been downloaded and properly installed.

Advantages of a Managed Anti-Virus

• Provides proactive & comprehensive security, monitoring  and management
• Centralizes the deployment and updating of software to  ensure coverage and consistency
• Automates management processes to avoid errors and  reduce costs
• Leverages expert IT skills

The truth is that having a better anti-virus solution is really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefits that you receive. A fully managed anti-virus solution also delivers advanced business solutions such as:

  • Enterprise Class Solution - Encompassing more than just anti-virus, this solution supports full endpoint security, providing you with an enterprise class method to combat viruses, malware, trojans and other malicious software.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - A wide range of detailed reports are provided to ensure you have visibility into what is happening and assurance that you are protected.
  • Fully Monitored System - We monitor the software to ensure it is working, has the latest virus definitions and we'll act immediately if there is an issue, potentially saving you from an attack.
  • Network Health Monitoring Included - We monitor the health of your network, servers and workstations with daily maintenance checks including memory, processor and drive usage to proactively discover issues before they impact your business.
  • Centralized management - Each machine is kept up to date directly from a centralized server. You no longer have to rely on end -users to manage their anti-virus.

While the list of features and benefits that a managed Anti-virus solution provide to your business is huge, the price is generally not much more than you are probably paying for your current Anti-virus solution. Here at Blueline Network Solutions we provide a managed Anti-virus solution not only to our business customers, but to our residential ones as well. Viruses are getting smarter and smarter everyday, isn't it about time your Anti-virus solution got smarter too?

If you'd like more information on how a managed Anti-virus solution can benefit your home or business, feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (888) 748-BLUE.

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