How to build a desktop computer (part 2)

Fixing processor in processor socket on the motherboard
Take the motherboard and place on any soft surface such as cardboard. All new motherboards have a plastic cover placed on processor socket.
Release the lock handle to open the lid of processor socket.
Now remove the plastic cover fixed to lid. After removing the plastic cover the processor socket has to look like this.
Now we have to place the processor in processor socket
Most of the recent processors come without pins. Handling the processor is very delicate. Do not hold or put your fingers in the middle of the processor. Hold the processor as shown in the image
Always remember the portion which has the name and the speed of the processor (For example: Intel Dual Core 2.8 Ghz) must be on top. Look at the sides of the processor where you can see small cuttings on both the sides.
You have to look for the same small notches on the motherboard and place the processor properly.
Now close the lid and press the lock handle down and fix it to lock the processor to the motherboard. Make sure that your processor is placed properly in the motherboard processor socket before locking the lid.

Processor fan will have four locking clips which have to be fixed to the motherboard.
On the motherboard you can see four small holes present around the processor socket. Place the processor fan on the top of the processor and push the four locking clips one by one to the holes present in the motherboard to firmly lock the processor fan. If the locking clip is not firmly fixed then remove the locking clip by rotating anti clock wise. You can see a directional image on the locking clip to lock and unlock.
Processor fan comes along with four pin power supply wire.
After fixing the processor fan, you have to plug the processor fan power supply wire to the motherboard for proper running of the fan. Look in the motherboard for the name " CPU_FAN " or  " CPU FAN " near to the surrounding area of the processor socket.
You have to plug the processor fan four pin power supply wire to the port called  " CPU_FAN " or " CPU FAN " on the motherboard.

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